What highway superintendents and professionals
are saying about the HARDER Dump Box Spreader

“We use the HARDER system and have found them to much safer and easier to use. There are several advantages to the HARDER:

  1. The most obvious is you don’t travel down the road with your dumb body in the air, which can hit objects. Safety was the selling point for us.
  2. The spinner flips out of the way when traveling
  3. You can leave the whole assembly in the truck and still open the tailgate to deliver materials, i.e. sand, salt, or other items suitable for delivery
  4. OR you can remove the whole unit in a matter of minutes.”

–John Parker, NY Snow Pros, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.

“We here at the Lyons Highway Department trust the HARDER and have had excellent results — that is why this salt and sand spreader is in every truck in our fleet. The reliability of this unit is one of the big reasons we go to HARDER, their longevity is amazing.

These units are so easy to maintain and, in my opinion, the most flexible unit in the industry. We LOVE these units and are going nowhere else to meet our salt & sanding needs!”

– Tim Moore, Town of Lyons Highway Superintendent

“The Town of Sodus currently owns 11 Harder sanders and one of the best advantages is they are all configured with identical framework and hydraulics which allows us to have a spare sander so if one sander needs a repair we can remove that sander put it on saw horses in the shop and install the spare sander in any truck we want.

We have a system where we remove the sanders with the forklift and after we unhook the four hydraulic hoses from the truck we literally can remove a sander and replace it with a spare with one employee in under 15 minutes. 

Another great advantage is The Harder Door Kit for the tailgate. Once it’s installed you can open and close just one door no other parts necessary and also works great for delivering material such as asphalt. Our town has been using this system for at least 15 years and if a sander needs a repair we can completely rebuild it in one day and have it ready to install. Due to the size of the sander frames they take up very little storage room which allows us to keep them inside.”

— Dale Pickering, Town of Sodus Highway Superintendent