How It Works

Use your conventional dump box
for winter ice control!

  • Slide the HARDER Dump Box Spreader through the companion HARDER Tailgate Kit and onto the floor of your Dump Box.
  • Pin the unit in place and hook up the hydraulic lines.
  • Load your Dump Box with salt/sand material, burying the HARDER unit under the material to be spread.
  • Out on the road, energize the Delivery Chain and Spinner Assembly (hydraulic) Drive Motors and the salt/sand material begins to be spread.

“The Town of Sodus currently owns 11 Harder spreaders and has been
using this system for at least 15 years. One of the best advantages
is they are all configured with identical framework and hydraulics …
We literally can remove a sander and replace it with a spare in under
15 minutes with one employee.”

— Dale Pickering, Sodus Highway Superintendent