How to Select the Proper Harder Dump Box Spreader Model

Using a tape measure laid on the Dump Box floor, measure the distance from the rear edge of the Doghouse (or the rear surface of the Front Bulkhead if there is no Doghouse) to the rear, outside surface of the Tailgate.

Front of the Box: The end of the Dump Box closest to the cab of the truck
Rear of the Box: The end of the Dump Box where the Tailgate is
Doghouse: The boxed-out enclosure around the hydraulic cylinder which lifts the Dump Box. Not all trucks have one, it depends on type of hoist you have.
Front Bulkhead: The front wall of the Dump Box

If it measures between 108 and 119 inches, consider a Model E104 or ES104
If it measures between 120 and 156 inches, consider a Model E112 or ES112
If it measures between 157 and 174 inches, consider a Model E144 or ES144
If it measures 175 inches or longer, consider a Model E160 or ES160

These recommendations will allow for a space of at least 10 inches between the front end of the Spreader and the back surface of the Doghouse or Front Bulkhead. We have found that the 10 inch minimum space will allow the Spreader to slide freely, so that the Tailgate can close and latch.

Non-standard length HARDER Dump Box Spreaders are available by special order – for more information Contact Us