Slide the HARDER Dump Box Spreader through the companion HARDER Tailgate Kit and onto the floor of your Dump Box. Pin the unit in place and hook up the hydraulic lines. Load your Dump Box with salt/sand material, burying the HARDER unit under the material to be spread.

Out on the road, energize the Delivery Chain and Spinner Assembly (hydraulic) Drive Motors and the salt/sand material begins to be spread.

After some time, most of the contents of the Dump box have been conveyed away and the Delivery Chain is no longer buried in the salt/sand material. There is still a quantity of material alongside both sides of the HARDER unit, tapering up toward the top of the Dump Box walls.

The driver of the truck then pulls off the road to a level surface and stops the truck. He/she folds the Spinner Arm up to the horizontal position before raising the Dump Box, thereby causing the salt/sand material to flow to the back of Box, once again covering the conveyor.

This process (we call it “bumping the load”) may be repeated 2 or 3 times during the course of a “run.” There will still be a small amount of material near the tailgate which will not make it onto the  conveyor. Even still, more material will have been spread by the Dump box with the HARDER Spreader than could have been spread by a Hopper-type Spreader installed on the same size truck. Reason: The Dump Box will hold more material — and at a lower center of gravity.