For optimal ice control — the HARDER Dump Box Spreader
has been in demand for 4 decades for its solid engineering,
dependability, and efficiency

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How Does the Harder Dump Box Spreader Work?

Slide the HARDER Dump Box Spreader through the companion HARDER Tailgate Kit and onto the floor of your Dump Box. Pin the unit in place and hook up the hydraulic lines. Load your Dump Box with salt/sand material, burying the HARDER unit under the material to be spread.

Out on the road, energize the Delivery Chain and Spinner Assembly (hydraulic) Drive Motors and the salt/sand material begins to be spread. [Click Here To Learn More]
Invented by a highway superintendent
to ensure ease of use and increased productivity

With easy and fast insertion/removal using your conventional
dump box, the HARDER is more efficient, flexible, and affordable
than a V-box or Hopper spreader for salt and sand.

Watch this video see why the HARDER
Dump Box Spreader is efficient and productive

We trust the HARDER and have had excellent results — that is why
this salt and sand spreader is in every truck in our fleet. Their
longevity is amazing … so easy to maintain and in my opinion, the
most flexible unit in the industry.

Tim Moore, Lyons Highway Superintendent